{December 9, 2011}  

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I am a divorced, single mother that is working on her college degree, raising her children in the new technology age of social media’s and smart phones . If your family is like mine you have wires coming out your ears. The days of snail mail are almost gone, times have changed and so the way in which we live and parent .

Follow my blog as I struggle to find a happy medium between Martha Stewart and a Victoria secret run way model. I’m not your average soccer mom. I am cleaver, fun, sexy and still a good homemaker, roll model and mother.

In today’s age of lightning fast results, we must teach to reach farther, save more and have a good fix on being frugal but still fun.

My family is fabulous, wacky, and loving. I share my personal views and my take on everything from products, to love after we say “I don’t”.

Buckle your seat belts life is a fast, bumpy road in this one single mom’s house in suburbia.


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