My first house party as a Host was a PlayStation 3 event.  This started it all . is exactly what the names says , It is a company that sends its hosts , party packs full of free  products for you to try out with your friends and family members.

My middle daughter, Venice especially loves my parties and some of the contests I have entered on House party. She is obsessed with House party; it is her “claim to fame” in the first grade and our neighborhood.

We received our package via UPS and I waited for her to open it up. She was so excited. We received coasters, plastic cups that changed colors when your drink is poured in it. Body Glitter, which all the girls loved and bracelets.   The Everybody Dance PlayStation 3 game with discount coupons for the game and PlayStation move.

Friends and Family came, danced, glittered, and laughed.

Everybody dance was a huge hit with everyone , the kids loved it . I have even had parents , friends and family asking where to buy it , and if I still have coupons , because their children keep asking for it and telling them they want to go to my home and play. 

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