{December 7, 2011}   Homemade from your oven Pumpkin Pie

Homemade from your oven Pumpkin Pie from an ordinary Jack-o-lantern.


So who has an extra pumpkin or 4 if you’re like me? We are tightening our budget this year, with the long drawn out state of our economy. We decided before Halloween that yes indeed we would celebrate but, we were going to use what we had if at all possible. So we did a Nightmare before Christmas theme. We got out our Christmas decor and our Halloween stuff that we use over and over and gave it all a makeover. We bought our pumpkins and painted them. So they would keep with washable paint. So now we have tons and tons of Pumpkin everything.


Let me share a really cheap, very good recipe with you.  Ya I know I’m supposed to keep jems like this a secret. Do you know all the compliments I have received over the HipIndychic’s secret Pumpkin Pie recipe? I blew Sara Lee out of the water and much cheaper.


Yes I still have a few pumpkins by the way. They are gourds and keep a very long time as long as they are not cut.


What you need

A large Knife,

Kitchen table to stretch out on.

Newspaper yes they still make those.

An oven

Ice-cream scoop or what my son loves to use is a small heavy duty tablespoon that is fairly thin. So use your imagination.

Oven safe dish I use Pyrex the rectangle on.

Foil paper

Measuring spoons

Measuring Cup

Readymade or pre made pie crust (I make mine from scratch ahead of time) and freeze them in the pie pan.

Mixer the handheld one.



Small Pumpkin about the size of a Gallon Jug of Milk.


One and one half cans of evaporated milk.

1 and half cups of sugar.

4 large eggs well any size will work.

Seasonings to taste but here is a guide.

You can use 3 teaspoons of Pumpkin pie spice (the dollar store has this)

Or what I do

One half teaspoon dry ginger

One and one half teaspoon of ground cinnamon

One teaspoon all spice

One teaspoon of nutmeg

One teaspoon of ground cloves


First things first wash your Pumpkin

Then with a sharp knife cut in half

Next with newspaper, have the kids dig in and get all the seeds out, you can dry them and plant them or roast them.

Next take your scoop and scoop away the stringy part of the pumpkin.


Cut it into 2 inch strips and place it in the Pyrex baking dishes cover it with foil and bake on 300 for 2 hours. The Pumpkin should be dark orange when you remove it from the oven. This step is the most important of them all. If this is messed up your pie will not have a nice consistency.


Let your pumpkin rest for an hour until it’s completely cool. Then with a large spoon or scoop remove the orange skin and in a large bowl place your pumpkin pulp.


Drain away extra juice.


Mix in your spices, eggs, evaporated milk mix on low for a few minutes until the lumps are out and the spices are all mixed in 3 cups of drained pumpkin pulp. This makes two pies. If you have more pumpkin just repeat the process.


If you have done the first part of this correctly you will not even need a hand mixer but I use one anyway.


Next take your pie crusts I make two pies at a time I take a little cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar in the pie crust just a little bit and smash it down in the dough.


Pour your pie filling in the crusts (I use deep dish) back on 375 for about an hour and Presto you have homemade love. Your home will smell wonderful and your husband will think your Martha Stewart, your children will be behaved as their mouths are full.


The husband’s friends, neighbors and everyone will think you slaved all day in the kitchen. How did she do that? Its sooo good and she even cleaned the kitchen afterward. Can you believe that?


You don’t have to tell them, you got the recipe from me and that it’s so simple. Just let them believe you’re so awesome. Sit back enjoy your pie, and a nice glass of Organic Milk.


Sounds easy enough, I never buy a Halloween pumpkin because I hate the idea of wasting edible food! Lol

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